Beginner’s tips to play your own build.

In this guide I'd like to speak about some important questions that each build maker should ask himself and decide on an answer before starting a build, if he wish to succeed. A lot of sections contains the info on how game mechanics work that is not obtainable in game. This info was given to the community by GGG in the Mechanics thread on official forum. Knowing this info is crucial to making some parts of late game work. You should not be aiming for all the points in each section but planning ahead on having some of them will greatly help your build. I sorted them from most common and build independent to less common and build specific.

Disclaimer: English is not my first language, so gramma mistakes or awkward phrasing are unfortunatly inevitable. If something like this catches your eye and you like it to be corrected feel free to email me at


What to expect if you never played Path of Exile?



This section is for absolute beginners. You just started the game and have no idea what to expect. Here's some basic info you should know.


How will you stay alive?



Have a large HP pool

Avoid being hit as much as possible

Lower damage taken

Auto react on damage taken.

You can set up a few gems to trigger when you receive damage with Cast on Damage Taken gem. I will mention a few.

Surviving Reflect damage

Healing as Life based

Healing as ES based

Healing as Hybrid based.


How will you clear packs?



Area of Effect

Projectiles with Lesser/Greater Multiple Projectiles for wide coverage and pierce/chain for distance coverage

Futher increaseing AOE with on kill effects


How will you kill bosses?



Same skill as packs.

Separate single target skill

Do more damage temporarily


How will you pay for your skills?



To sustain your mayhem your skill cost * skills per second should be less then your regen + your leech. The more support gems you link to your skill the more it will cost to cast it. You can use nodes on tree to reduced its cost. Using reduced mana support gem is not advised as you giving up on potential damage support.


Having skills cast of mana give you an ability to reserve most of your mana pool to useful stuff like auras or aura curses while having small and never ending portion of the pool to cast all your skills.


Having skills cast of life make a lot easier to sustain, thanks to higher levels of life regen and leech. To pay for skills with life you need to have blood magic.

Energy Shield

If you take Eldritch Batter keystone you will have your ES protect your mana instead of life. This meant that any mana loss including paying for skills will come from ES first. Having ES for mana you can reserve all your mana for useful stuff. To sustain you have these options:

Free Skills


How to maximize damage?



How to level faster?



If you playing your first character, please skip this section and explore the game on your own. You won't get a second chance for a first impression. But if it’s not your first character and you just want to get to endgame faster to see how your build idea works out, you should know that you can get a new char to merciless dried lake in about 7 hours of play. Here’s how to speedup leveling:


How to afford gearing your character?



Some builds require quite a few unique items that can be expensive for a new player. In this section I will talk about some of the most common things for a beginner to know to afford gearing up a char. I must say that flipping (buy low sell high) is the most efficient way of getting currency in POE but it turns the game into economy sim. Here i will talk about how to get some currency while actually playing ARPG. But even so the first advice is: